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Borrowing to buy a home, make an investment, or consolidate debt doesn’t have to be complicated. We love working with people and businesses to guide them through the process and get the best rate and structure possible.

Putting the right structure in place is critical to creating flexibility when it comes to cash flow. Through our extensive experience and market knowledge in the lending space, we’ll help you create financing arrangements that make sense for your family, your business and your long-term wealth.

Plus as a valued client of ours, you’ll have access to a reduced 15% deposit requirement from a big four bank with no lenders mortgage insurance.

When establishing a home loan it is important to evaluate the long term structure of the lifetime of the loan. Not only to ensure you consider your current living arrangements in your primary residence, but to also to take into account the opportunity of using this property as an investment in the future, when you build your property portfolio.

We possess extensive knowledge of a diversity of the home loan products available, to assist you in determining the relevant factors that are important in establishing the structure of your loan, to identify which one will best suit your unique circumstances.

The finance market has changed dramatically over recent months, let alone the past few years, so it is important to re-evaluate your current loan structure, to ensure that you are receiving the optimum solution and lowest interest rates possible in the current market, as the chances are your needs have changed since you first set up your loans.

Increased competition between lenders has created new interest rate discounts and opportunities that may not have previously been available in the market place, when the initial loan was established.

We can review your current financial position to take advantage of new offerings that may be more advantageous to you or modify your existing loans to suit your current circumstances, this alone can save you thousands of dollars.

The challenge of buying a home for the first time can seem very daunting, so we completely understand the nerves and questions you may experience as a first home buyer. Which is why we take the time to explain each step involved and guide you through the entire finance and property purchase process, focussing on what to consider to ensure the best prospects for high capital growth.

Our intention is to help you understand your loan and the rationale behind the structures that we arrange. In this way, you will gain confidence and a sense of control over your financial future.

Having set up and managed Self-Managed Super Funds for over 25 years, you can trust you’re getting the right advice for the most suitable SMSF Loans and structures.

Whilst SMSF Loans are not for everyone and should only form part of a well thought out investment strategy – for the right investor, there are many benefits to adding direct roperty to your portfolio.

Speak to one of our trusted advisers on how best to structure your SMSF borrowing arrangement and to assist you in making the loan process simple and stress free.

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